Welcome to InterSafe

InterSafe is a safety consulting company based in Brisbane, Australia.

We specialise in the effective management of permanent personal damage: fatalities and non-fatal permanent damage (NFPD).

We are a phenomena based consultancy who attempt to understand, in detail, how different Damaging Energies produce permanent damage to people and provide you with insight into effective controls.  We can help you understand when to go beyond compliance.

We have assisted our clients through preparation of more than 10,000 comprehensive incident reports throughout 80 years of collective experience.

Our focus has resulted in a unique way of thinking about investigating and preventing incidents.  We share these powerful and effective incident investigation models and techniques through a range of courses and services.

Our brands include:

•  Energy Concepts - our damaging energy model for enhancing and focussing risk management activities
•  Focussed Recall - our process for capturing the unreported knowledge and experience of your workforce
•  InFocus - our model for the implementation and auditing of safety management systems
•  8Steps of Effective Incident Investigation – our process tool for moving through the steps of an investigation
  Essential Factors - our control based model for analysing incidents to identify effective future controls
•  ART-T - our advanced version of the Essential Factors™ model.
  InFormed - our energy based approach for conducting Risk Assessments or Safety in Design Reviews

•  Collective Insights - our process for engaging groups to improve critical controls and behaviours over time

Please feel free to browse our website and Contact Us regarding how we can help you.